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Project Self development

Dear future me, have you completed your project self-development goal?

Yes? Well that’s a lie. You should never stop developing yourself Chloe! I hope, in 10 years time if you are reading this back content, and happy wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I hope you are pursuing your dreams and are never ever letting someone tell you, you can’t. You can. You will. One life remember, don’t blow it away. Some people would die to have the life you do, so take it in your stride and if today is a bad day, remember you at 17 years old. Sat with your feet up, cosy in bed, a whole host of friends surrounding you and a loving family that would do anything to you. You were loving college, getting good grades and finally figuring out where you truly want to go in life!! You were ambitious and motivated. Yes you doubted yourself, you probably still are. I hope you’re not anymore actually. Wouldn’t that be nice, in 10 years time, to fully believe in yourself.

Are you still living with mum and dad? Have you found the love of your life yet? If not, remember that at 17 years old you didn’t need a man, you were too busy having fun with your life and doing everything you were passionate about, so i want it to be the same in 10 years time! If you do have a man that is amazing, you go girl, you slay, i hope he knows how damn lucky he is because you are one tricky bitch to get through too hahah. Who is he? Does he make you feel safe? Does he make you, a better you? Have you travelled the world yet?

Are you happy? Fully and completely content with everything in your life. Have you finally started putting yourself and your health first without being scared of upsetting somebody else or letting another down? Oh my god have your brothers had children?? Do you spoil them rotten. Do you have children? Gosh that’s a scary thought, 17-year-old you is currently petrified at the thought of having children, are you coping? Are they as sickie and yucky as we were as a child? 10 years time… 10 years time… we are 27 years old. That is as old as our eldest brother is currently! That is crazy!!

Dear future me, here are a few things I hope you have achieved:

  1. You are doing a career you love and are passionate about
  2. You have become completely utterly confident in your style, fashion and body
  3. You are continuing to try to change the world
  4. You have cut off your hair for Cancer Research
  5. You have travelled the world, or at least part
  6. You went to the University YOU wanted to go to, to do what YOU wanted to do, even if that means living off baked beans all day everyday.
  7. You are still in contact with the people you were at 17 years old.You had some good people at this stage in your life I hope you haven’t lost them.
  8. You have taught children and helped children in third world countries.
  9. You are a home owner
  10. You are happy.

All the love, ChloeJadex

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What autumn is to me..

Autumn, Autumn autumn, Halloween and hot drinks, cosy socks and cosy coats, the crisp autumn air icily sliding across our rosey glowing cheeks and the grass as white as snow with dew and leaves sprinkled so perfectly along the floor as if they were a painting. The trees shred bare with a pool of leaves lying at their feet. One gush of wind and the leaves jump to their feet dancing in perfect pirouettes to the sound of their own rustling. Autumn. One of my favourite times of the year.


There are so many things i love about autumn, from the endless hot drinks and movie nights, to the big fluffy coats and boots. Waving goodbye to those tight and short skimpy crop tops and shorts and hello to scarfs, wooly hats and gloves! It’s the build up to Halloween, and what is even more exciting means its one step closer to christmas! 82 days to be precise.. not that I’m counting 😉 All the pumpkin flavoured food, and the christmassy costa’s are yet to come, are you as excited as me??

Anyhow, this blog post is going to have to remain short but sweet as i have a test tomorrow, its 8pm and i still haven’t started revising…oopsie!!! But blogging comes first right? I mean priorities gee…

So what do you love about autumn and what are your favourite ways to spend your days/evenings? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!



All the love, ChloeJadex

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Autumn fragrance haul

14585400_200160397073000_1721447484_nOne of my favourite things about autumn is the extensive range of sparkling sweet, mysterious yet musky and explosive perfumes there are on offer to indulge myself in. And whats even better? June is my birthday month, so i got lots of perfumes this year free of charge that have lasted me through to the autumn months..Hoot hoot!!


Emporio Armani – Diamonds

So this was one of the perfumes i was lucky enough to receive as a gift from one of my best friends for my 17th, and wow it is beyond luxurious! Now Emporia Armani is an extremely well-known brand, but honestly? Not one that i have ever been drawn in to trying or exploring. However i now have to admit, it’s currently my go to fragrance! Its scent is a sexy, yet sophisticated one that fills the room with elegance and class but also gives off an empowering vibe that will send all the men crazy! Another thing i adore about this perfume is that its intensity is moderate in its strength and scent!

it’s priced at £49 for 100ml, which in my eyes is an absolute bargain for such a phenomenal brand with such upper ranking in the beauty fashion industry!



Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

This fragrance is not a perfume but more of a body mist, which only needs one spritz for you to be coated in a shield of freshness and fruitfulness! It is a beyond sophisticated mist which lasts all day and the bottle itself has lasted me over a year now! Its only £30 too!! £30 for a channel mist that lasts that long! if that’s not a bargain, what is??14580516_200160273739679_145281684_n

 3.CK One RED edition   – £19

For him and for her, a unique freshness but a daring sensuality at the same time. This is perfect for nights out with the girls or date night with your man and its affordable, it’s a win win really!14580326_200159987073041_1074075860_n.jpg


4.Between us – One direction  -£39

My guilty pleasure… yes..yes I’m a directioner. Yes I’m a directioner that indulges in their Merchandise’s array of perfumes at every opportunity possible. All of their perfumes are just so addictive and this one even has a classy little bottle too! I’m in love!14556066_200160013739705_1544322621_n


5. Beyonce Heat

A fiery perfume for those cold and crispy days where you have pulled on your thickest  coat, your most fashionable boots and pulled over that cute little bean. This perfume is perfect for those days where you are cold on the inside but sending off those fiery warm vibes on the outside!


     6. Lady million – Paco Rabbanne

This has always been by go to perfume, its expensive so i only wear it on a special occasion or purchase a new bottle when i feel like treating myself or am on a massive shopping splurge. Its a very seductive yet lustrous scent that i cant get enough of.



So there are my 6 go to autumn fragrances that I have been loving for a very long time, what are you’re favourite perfumes at the moment?

I love you all I hope you have had a fabulous day!

All the love, Chloejadex

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Hello my lovely little strangers…

It feels like a lifetime since I was last tapping away at my Mac to write one of my blog posts that i was so passionate about writing…. and that i still am so passionate about writing, so this is why I’m back 🙂  So eptembers blog posts were pretty much non-existent, with going back to college, my performing and work commitments has just meant i have physically not had the time to just sit back and write all those awfully ramble thoughts that run through my head constantly everyday.

However with blogtober arriving i have decided to push myself and do everything in my power to blog every single day in October! Now admittedly this is going to be IMPOSSIBLE, because i am such a busy bee. However with the excblogtober-introductioneption of maybe one or two blogs a week i am going to be uploading as frequently as i possibly can! I have no idea what time it will go up everyday or at the moment what will even be in the blogs, but there will be an awful lot of blogs this month… hopefully…i hope..lets all hope haha!

So, for the first of the blogs this is going to stay short and sweet but i thought id just keep you updated on where i have been, what i have been doing and what i am doing in the future. If any of you have any suggestions on what i should blog about, feel free to leave them in the comments or message me on any of my social media’s!


I hope you have all been well, i look forward to giving you all much more content to enjoy in the coming month! IV MISSED Y’ALL!

All the love, Chloejadex

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Mental Health

The brain is such a beautiful thing, yet society still, in the 21st century, does not understand it. How is it fair that one person gets a life with intelligence and clarity, and another gets a life of irregularity, confusion and miss-understanding.

Over the past 2 weeks, my drama company has been putting on a show called ‘Find me’ by Olwen Wylmark. It’s a play that discovers the life of a young girl named Verity who in the 1970’s had autism, yet no body understood at the time, what autism was, why she acted the way she did or what was going on in that beautifully broken brain of hers. Its been an incredible couple of weeks, but it’s really really made me think.14202981_1016487601802564_1426729798_o

To say that we still don’t understand autism, and mental health in this current day and age would be a complete exaggeration and very inaccurate. Thankfully, we have evolved and we are slowly understanding that not everyone in this world is blessed with the ordinary lives the majority of us live. However to say the entire of society understands it completely, would too, be an exaggeration. For i believe, that really we like to think we understand it, but deep down we don’t and isn’t that such an awful thing? These people are humans just like you and I.

Whether it be autism, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, and the thousands of more internal illnesses that are out there, that you can’t physically see anything is wrong with that person, this does not mean that there isn’t anything wrong with them. Unfortunately, I do feel that if people cant physically see the pain or the illness that makes you lose control of who you really are, then they think there is no pain at all. They cant seem to understand it, people are so confused and even if they don’t mean to do so they stare at those around them as if they are freaks of society and as if they don’t fit in.

I always have a message behind this blog, and this one is to each and every one of you reading this, please turn to the person next to you and ask how they are, if its your friend, your mother, your father, a complete stranger, show some compassion to them. For all you know that question could very well just make their day or save their life. If you can’t understand why someone is acting in a certain way, don’t glare or look at them as if they are lepers, listen to them, understand and be patient and be kind. For everyone deserves a place in this world, and everyone deserves to be treated as equals, no matter what their mental state.

You are never alone, sometimes you may have to go through states isolation just to discover who and what you are, but you must never isolate yourself completely. There is always someone you can talk too, or someone who can help you.

Mental Health is a real thing, just as much as Cancer or a heart attack, it eats away at you and destroys you, we must start to understand it and do everything we can. We are all working so hard to find a cure for Cancer, lets work even harder to find a cure to fix our beautifully broken brains.

All the love, Chloejadex


P.s, i feel perhaps there are a lot of blogs or YouTube videos out there, that talk about mental health recognition, but don’t talk about how to deal with mental health if you yourself are suffering from it. Fortunately for myself, i am not in a position to be able to talk about how to deal with mental health, however there are so many sites and videos and blogs out there that can, if you have been captured by a mental illness, talk you through how to deal with it. There are doctors and hospitals that can help you get better, that can get you back to you. Our world is evolving into a phenomenal place and yes it will be a rocky journey, but as long as you keep fighting, the light will always shine through, i promise you that. I am always here for each and every one of you, no matter who you are, if you’re struggling and don’t know where to turn, i will always help you. We are all human, remember that.

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College tips and advice

Where to begin, what an exciting journey that is about to start for all of you leaving school and venturing onto college to achieve the qualifications you need to pursue your dream career!

Okay so i have lots of advice, grab a snack and a drink, get yourself nice and cosy and let’s get started…

 DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Theres often a lot of pressure surrounding a levels, and the subjects that society or your parents deem as respectable or ‘good’ subjects to take. However I can’t stress enough how important it is to ignore those around you and do what your heart wants you to do. When i was picking my subjects for college i had no idea what to do, i wanted to do law, but wanted to do dance and musical theatre and drama, the college i wanted to go to didn’t let me do all of these, and if i was to do musical theatre it would have to be done as a BTEC. However there was so much stipulation around that frowned upon BTEC’s and made me feel that if i went down that route i wouldn’t be adequate and i wouldn’t get anywhere with my life. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There isn’t anything you cant do with a BTEC, you can still go to uni and get a degree the same way A level students can, your simply just doing a subject that’s more specific to what you want to do and there is nothing wrong with that. So for any of you debating a BTEC, do not hesitate if that is what you want to do then go and bloody do it. Its your life, you only get one so do whatever you darn want to with it!

One of the main pieces of advice i would give to you all is to stay on top of all your work that is set. College is very different to school in that i remember when i was at school i would often get set homework and not hand it in on time, or not even do it and teachers didn’t tend to be that bothered.. However you won’t get away with this at college in the slightest! You’ll get set a lot of work that you have to complete so my biggest advice is to do it as soon as it is set. That way it won’t pile up, you won’t fall behind, and you’ll still have free time in the evenings to do whatever you wish too.


As tempting as it is… don’t skip lessons! College is a lot more laid back, you have a lot more freedom and if you don’t turn up to a lesson you won’t get chased down about it, its your education and if you chose not to turn up they see that as your own choice and your own fault. Every lesson you have tends to be of value to your final exam, miss one lesson and you’ll find you fall behind very very quickly so don’t do it, even if you desperately do want to go to McDonald’s with your friends whilst they have a free… mcdonalds will wait, your future wont!


A different notepad for every subject. Unlike School, colleges will not provide you with books and stationary, you will have to purchase it all yourself. One thing that has been a massive help to me this year is having a separate notepad and folder for every subject. It isn’t a necessity, but I also find colour coding my files and notepads in accordance to subject is helpful too! So Baby Blue folder and notepad for one subject, pink for another, black for another and so on.

Organisation will be your life saver. College work gets pretty intense at times, and when you have as hectic and as busy a life that I do it’s so necessary to stay organised making sure you complete all your work in the college day in your frees, making yourself go to all lessons etc.

Get a planner or a diary!!! It’s literally saved my life!


Work hard, play harder. College is intense, hard and incredibly stressful, and so it is essential to balance your work load with your social life, and not get wrapped up in textbooks for 2 years straight. You’ll meet so many amazing friends at your new college and you’ll most likely get yourself a job, meaning you can do so many incredible things with your time, its important that you do these things, experience the world and the life you have around you! Work hard, but not so hard you forget to have fun!

Express yo self! So for all you British gals an guys out there, moving up to college means goodbye dreaded school uniform and hello wearing what you love too. I loveeeee fashion, and one thing i love about college is being able to wear whatever i want whenever i want and not feeling like i get judged so make sure you do that too!


Finally, please please please make sure you research into your options and pathways properly. When i started i didn’t have a clue what i wanted to do, i only went to one open day, i didn’t look into what my subjects consisted of i just thought yeah that sounds alright ill do that. Now here i am deferring a year because i made the wrong choices! Iv now done my research, iv realised that i cant live my life doing what is respectable, but i should live it doing what i love, so although it may take me longer to reach my dream, i will reach it and i couldn’t be happier about staying on for 3 years 🙂

Have fun and work hard, this is the beginning of your future, make it worth while!! If you have any more questions you want to ask feel free to leave them in the comments, like, share and if you want to feel free to subscribe so you can get alerts overtime i upload!

I Hope you’re all well,

All the love, ChloeJadex

P.s, it’s never too late to change your mind, if you aren’t happy or doing what you love, speak up and change it.