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A reflection of 2016

2016… what an absolutely mental year. Iv seen so many blog posts floating around recently talking about new years resolutions and their goals for next year, but i cant help thinking how essential it is to have one final look back at the year that has just been.

2016 for me has honestly been one of the rockiest years of my life but also one of the years where I have finally started to find myself and discover exactly who i am and who i want to be. I have changed, ALOT. I am so proud to say that, i am not the girl who walked into this year in the slightest anymore, and i am so happy about that.15644519_1063944003716595_67313963_n.jpg

I am passionate, I am unique, i have a hobby that none of my friends have but i am so proud that i have this hobby, iv finally put my foot down and i am doing what i want to do with my life, i have got rid of all negativity in my life and iv put myself, my health and my happiness before everything. I am Chloe Bradbury. And i am so bloody proud to be where i am today

2016 started off entering the new year with just two friends by my side, i was rehearsing for a show and i rarely ever had time to socialize. I was busy 5 days a week, falling asleep in college with a lack of motivation, failing my mock exams and lacking considerably in self-confidence and happiness. I was getting by everyday doing what was deemed respectable, and just doing what i should, regardless of whether that made me happy or not.13689386_1234463036586609_653937427_n.jpg

March; one of the best months of my life. I actually finally started to push myself and made myself do what i wanted to do, anxiety didn’t get in the way i just went and grabbed an opportunity with both hands and not an inch of me regrets it. As a young girl a massive dream of mine has always been to have a life on stage, performing every single day just doing what i love. So i saved up for a while and ended up attending a taster week at ‘The Brighton Academy’ school of performing arts that has a 100% agent success rate and in my eyes was one of the best experiences i have ever had. Iv never felt so welcome, and so encouraged in my life. The students and teachers were so lovely and so helpful and it gave me one of the biggest kick up the back sides ever. I finally realised that if i wanted this life in the performing arts industry, i could do it i just have to work for it!

My 17th birthday was one of the best iv ever had, surrounded by loved ones and some very embarrassing yet hilarious memories.If there is one thing iv learnt this past year is that friendship is SO valuable. Iv made so many new friendships this year, and strengthened so many old ones. Iv had to let go of a few, and fight for many but in the end im leaving 2016 with every single person I love and adore to the bottom of my heart and am entering 2017 with everything out in the open. Iv learnt its important to be honest about how i feel, and that its okay to have my own opinion, just as its okay for others to have theirs.13382117_742065872603127_254983637_n14064121_780110305465350_1908303415899231719_n

Iv also learnt that being a skinny mini really isn’t everything. If iv got a party at the weekend it does not mean I have to spend the whole week dieting so i can have a perfectly flat stomach just for one night…. your drunk and its dark anyway so really no one cares. It’s okay to eat lots of pizza and Chinese if i want too, and its okay to dip in and out of phases with my fitness ,it’s completely natural. We only have one life for goodness sake! Who cares if you have had 2 takeaways two nights in a row just blooming go for it and enjoy it. Stop calorie counting, stop only having half a biscuit, eat the whole thing. Go to the gym the next day, release some endorphins and be fricking happy!fullsizeoutput_1c0.jpeg

Politically this year the world has turned to a sham, we have elected people who perhaps are not the best people to elect, we have made decisions as a country that many will regret and we have lost so many greats to heaven. But this is something we now have to live with, we have made history and we HAVE to make the future bright. I am so excited to see what 2017 has in store for all of us, and I am SO determined to make this year incredible. I will do what i want to do, say what i want to say, and be who i want to be. I will be free and i will be happy and i hope you all can be happy too.

Its been a whirlwind of a ride, 2016 you have taught me a lot, and I just want to thank my amazing friends and family for sticking by my side through everything. Words will never describe how much you all mean to me. And finally of course, a massive thank you for over 3000 of you giving me your time and supporting me in this different little hobby of mine that i love so very much.

2017, let’s do this!fullsizeoutput_1b0

All the love, Chloejadex


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What autumn is to me..

Autumn, Autumn autumn, Halloween and hot drinks, cosy socks and cosy coats, the crisp autumn air icily sliding across our rosey glowing cheeks and the grass as white as snow with dew and leaves sprinkled so perfectly along the floor as if they were a painting. The trees shred bare with a pool of leaves lying at their feet. One gush of wind and the leaves jump to their feet dancing in perfect pirouettes to the sound of their own rustling. Autumn. One of my favourite times of the year.


There are so many things i love about autumn, from the endless hot drinks and movie nights, to the big fluffy coats and boots. Waving goodbye to those tight and short skimpy crop tops and shorts and hello to scarfs, wooly hats and gloves! It’s the build up to Halloween, and what is even more exciting means its one step closer to christmas! 82 days to be precise.. not that I’m counting 😉 All the pumpkin flavoured food, and the christmassy costa’s are yet to come, are you as excited as me??

Anyhow, this blog post is going to have to remain short but sweet as i have a test tomorrow, its 8pm and i still haven’t started revising…oopsie!!! But blogging comes first right? I mean priorities gee…

So what do you love about autumn and what are your favourite ways to spend your days/evenings? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!



All the love, ChloeJadex

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College tips and advice

Where to begin, what an exciting journey that is about to start for all of you leaving school and venturing onto college to achieve the qualifications you need to pursue your dream career!

Okay so i have lots of advice, grab a snack and a drink, get yourself nice and cosy and let’s get started…

 DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Theres often a lot of pressure surrounding a levels, and the subjects that society or your parents deem as respectable or ‘good’ subjects to take. However I can’t stress enough how important it is to ignore those around you and do what your heart wants you to do. When i was picking my subjects for college i had no idea what to do, i wanted to do law, but wanted to do dance and musical theatre and drama, the college i wanted to go to didn’t let me do all of these, and if i was to do musical theatre it would have to be done as a BTEC. However there was so much stipulation around that frowned upon BTEC’s and made me feel that if i went down that route i wouldn’t be adequate and i wouldn’t get anywhere with my life. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There isn’t anything you cant do with a BTEC, you can still go to uni and get a degree the same way A level students can, your simply just doing a subject that’s more specific to what you want to do and there is nothing wrong with that. So for any of you debating a BTEC, do not hesitate if that is what you want to do then go and bloody do it. Its your life, you only get one so do whatever you darn want to with it!

One of the main pieces of advice i would give to you all is to stay on top of all your work that is set. College is very different to school in that i remember when i was at school i would often get set homework and not hand it in on time, or not even do it and teachers didn’t tend to be that bothered.. However you won’t get away with this at college in the slightest! You’ll get set a lot of work that you have to complete so my biggest advice is to do it as soon as it is set. That way it won’t pile up, you won’t fall behind, and you’ll still have free time in the evenings to do whatever you wish too.


As tempting as it is… don’t skip lessons! College is a lot more laid back, you have a lot more freedom and if you don’t turn up to a lesson you won’t get chased down about it, its your education and if you chose not to turn up they see that as your own choice and your own fault. Every lesson you have tends to be of value to your final exam, miss one lesson and you’ll find you fall behind very very quickly so don’t do it, even if you desperately do want to go to McDonald’s with your friends whilst they have a free… mcdonalds will wait, your future wont!


A different notepad for every subject. Unlike School, colleges will not provide you with books and stationary, you will have to purchase it all yourself. One thing that has been a massive help to me this year is having a separate notepad and folder for every subject. It isn’t a necessity, but I also find colour coding my files and notepads in accordance to subject is helpful too! So Baby Blue folder and notepad for one subject, pink for another, black for another and so on.

Organisation will be your life saver. College work gets pretty intense at times, and when you have as hectic and as busy a life that I do it’s so necessary to stay organised making sure you complete all your work in the college day in your frees, making yourself go to all lessons etc.

Get a planner or a diary!!! It’s literally saved my life!


Work hard, play harder. College is intense, hard and incredibly stressful, and so it is essential to balance your work load with your social life, and not get wrapped up in textbooks for 2 years straight. You’ll meet so many amazing friends at your new college and you’ll most likely get yourself a job, meaning you can do so many incredible things with your time, its important that you do these things, experience the world and the life you have around you! Work hard, but not so hard you forget to have fun!

Express yo self! So for all you British gals an guys out there, moving up to college means goodbye dreaded school uniform and hello wearing what you love too. I loveeeee fashion, and one thing i love about college is being able to wear whatever i want whenever i want and not feeling like i get judged so make sure you do that too!


Finally, please please please make sure you research into your options and pathways properly. When i started i didn’t have a clue what i wanted to do, i only went to one open day, i didn’t look into what my subjects consisted of i just thought yeah that sounds alright ill do that. Now here i am deferring a year because i made the wrong choices! Iv now done my research, iv realised that i cant live my life doing what is respectable, but i should live it doing what i love, so although it may take me longer to reach my dream, i will reach it and i couldn’t be happier about staying on for 3 years 🙂

Have fun and work hard, this is the beginning of your future, make it worth while!! If you have any more questions you want to ask feel free to leave them in the comments, like, share and if you want to feel free to subscribe so you can get alerts overtime i upload!

I Hope you’re all well,

All the love, ChloeJadex

P.s, it’s never too late to change your mind, if you aren’t happy or doing what you love, speak up and change it.

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17th Birthday

Sunday June 5th 2016 – My 17th Birthday, and what a radiant day it was too. With the previous week overpowered by grey skies and pouring rain, there was very little hope in that my birthday was going to be nice weather. However it seemed to turn a page and ended up being an absolutely beautiful day, the sun was high in the sky, with not a cloud in sight, i couldn’t of got much more lucky!

I woke up first thing and got ready using my Lee Stafford curling wand to create an Afro type look to my hair, to create the perfect birthday look i was going for. With this i wore a long sleeved floaty black play-suit from Forever 21 and a golden Body chain also from Forever 21. This pared with some plain black converse and i was ready for the day and all the excitement ahead of me. Shortly after getting ready My family and I headed down to Bills restaurant in Chichester for a late Brunch. There are so many delicious options to choose from but i opted for the Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes with Banana, Strawberry’s and maple syrup and of course extra bacon strips on top! Words cant describe how mouth watering and delicious this was and i am most certainly extremely excited to head back again for more!













After this i headed down town with one of my best friends for a spot of shopping, and she decided to treat me to a sprinkles, which for those of you who don’t know is a new ice cream business in the form of a restaurant, designed to create a desert dining experience which is both modern and comfortable. This time i opted for an Oreo cookie and cream ice cream sundae, and she went for a toffee fudge Sunday, both of which went down extremely well! The sun was beaming and so we took a leisurely stroll down to the beach where we were shortly joined by all my lovely friends for a few drinks, music, food, and a good old catch up. It turned out to be a beyond amazing day, something which i was very surprised about as for the past few years, it hasn’t been as good as i may have wished for.



All my friends and family spoiled me with so many lovely and thoughtful gifts which i am un-explainably grateful for. I feel very overwhelmed and blessed to be surrounded by such genuine and true friends and a loving caring family that i have, and so to each and every one of you thank you so very much for making me who i am today. I think sometimes its easy to take those around you for granted and not really appreciate what you have in life, and so this is my way of taking a few minutes to appreciate each and every one of you and appreciate all that i have in life, as i realize that there are other boys and girls in the world of the same age as i, that are not blessed with the luxury and life i have. Sometimes life is tuff, sometimes things get the better of all of us, but its important to remember how lucky we all really are. We’re alive and breathing, we can walk and talk, we have food and shelter and for that we must be happy.

Thankyou all very much for reading, lots of love


Bills Brunch Menu


Lee Stafford hair curler