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Watermelon cake!!

So a couple of days ago i stumbled across Poppy Deyes new recipe for a watermelon cake on her blog

I was just as blown away as you all probably are right now, how could you possibly have a healthy cake?? Well this showed that you can… well sort of… i mean it isn’t exactly a cake but it looks like one right? Shh we will just say its a cake.

Anyhoo, i was so spellbound that i decided to try it out but give it my own personal twist because whats a cake without chocolate ai?? Here’s how i did it!

You will Need:

-1 watermelon
-1 tub of Yoghurt of your choice
– Fruit of your choice ( I chose strawberries, raspberries and blueberries because they were on special offer, i can’t resist a bargain)
– Chocolate!! Preferably Dark as its healthier but if you’re not too fussed about that aspect of it go for whatever your heart desires
– chocolate sauce to drizzle over the top
– Almonds, and dried fruit and whatever you want to decorate it with


So i followed Poppy’s recipe but only roughly, and decided to opt for a cheaper yoghurt than she went for and also a low-fat yoghurt… at the time this seemed like a brilliant idea to me, however this didn’t seem to work out too well. As you can see the yoghurt coating that is supposed to resemble icing,  to my annoyance is very thin and very runny!! So i stress that if you are going to follow this recipe don’t buy cheap 0% fat yoghurt because it just doesn’t give the same effect.roWjbz-a


Nevertheless I decide to be optimistic and continue. The first step i took was to cut off all the green bits off the watermelon and keep it as circular as possible ( again turned out to be impossible oops) but this didn’t really matter, the less perfect it is sometimes the better! Anyhow, once doing this i coated it in yoghurt, decorated the top with fruit and tahdaa!! A juicy, fresh healthy, naughty n’ nice watermelon cake to enjoy on  a hot summers day without the guilt of all those calories!


If you like the idea of this give it a try and let me know if yours turned out less of a sloppy mess than mine hahah! I hope you’re all looking forward to summer and are having a good day wherever you are.

All the love, Chloejadex