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Morphe 35F Valentines day makeup look

With Valentines day literally around the corner, I thought what better than to provide all you lovely ladies a little bit of inspiration for that perfect date night look. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, valentines day is the perfect excuse to glam yourself up and feel good about yourself. So here is how i achieved this beautiful rosy pink eye makeup…16736049_884465541696492_1957114073_n.jpg

Step one : Priming my face with the Benefit POREfessional . Then I take my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in order to get a complete flawless finish with a slightly dewy tinge. After this I took the traditional Rimmel Wake me up concealer  under neath my eyes and on any imperfections I had.

Following this I took the Benefit Brow zing wax and powder to lightly fill in my brows. img_0887

Now for the actual makeup i took the 3rd shade in from the bottom From this beautiful Morphe 35F pallet on my crease, followed by the 5th shade and then the 6th in my outer corner. Once i had blended this out i took the Central pink colour of this pallet, packing it on to the inner third of my eye and once again, blend blend blend! Finally i took the two top lighter shimmer shades to highlight my inner corners and my eye brows and tah dahh! The eye makeup was complete!fullsizeoutput_217


Finally i did a few coats of Mascara, bronzed up my face and applied the Frost All i want A95 lipstick from mac and my valentine’s day makeup look was complete!fullsizeoutput_21016710381_884464035029976_749749129_o

This is a very different type of post from my normal sort, so if you enjoyed it and if you would like to see more makeup looks please do let me know! I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day whether you’re in a relationship or not. Get yourself some chocolate, snuggle up in bed and remember that you do not need a man to make you happy.


All the love, ChloeJadex

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The perfect party wear lookbook

Over the past few months I have gone party outfit mad!! I just can-not and will not resist all those amazing deals the best fashion retailers are throwing at me. 50% off misguided? 25% off new look and Boohoo? Id have been silly to not have bought anything right??

With the festive season past and new years quickly approaching us, Balls and Parties to attend, my shopping baskets have been full with red, green, black and sparkle! This first outfit is one that was a step out of my comfort zone. Although for some a jumpsuit is a classic go to, the typical party wear, or even everyday where in the summery months. For me it is not! I have never ever in the 17 years of my life so far owned or worn a jumpsuit, so i felt it was time to take that step and start rocking things that i never normally would even dare to attempt too!15781824_857159821093731_1840879387_n                                                                                             The emerald-green colour and elegant off the shoulder number is one i just couldn’t resist. And whats even better? I didn’t have to worry about ahh what colour shoes does one wear with green? Not only do my classic black straps ons match perfectly, but so do my old golden prom shoes! And if you can’t wear gold sparkly shoes around Christmas and new years when can you ai! This photo was taken on boxing day so admittedly there are lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, but who cares?? None of us are actually as perfect or stick thin as those models in magazines and Instagram so here’s me in one of my favourite outfits rocking my lumps and bumps just like we all should..

Now I’m sure many of you are aware misguided went a little crazy when it came to the black Friday and boxing day sales that oh so happily robbed us all of our bank accounts…. but it was so worth it!

Look at how unique, yet gorgeous this red roses luxurious body suit is. Perfect for the Christmas month, and will even work in summer to add a floral tang to my outfits all year round. The long mesh sleeves and beautiful embroidery of the roses was a must have for me. It is such a unique number and i absolutely adore it and i hope you all do too!!


Psst… whats even better? It only cost me 6 pounds!

So, whats a festive look book, without a full on sparkly number? How gorgeous is this Golden sparkly skirt from . You can’t do Christmas with out shimmer and sparkle, sequins and shine, and as soon as this turned up on my door stop i fell in love instantaneously!15782522_857158134427233_424696333_n15801300_857159391093774_1260242736_n

Sometimes, i think elegance and simplicity is the way forward. Perhaps if you don’t like to wear black for Christmas, this could be a perfect new years outfit or even the perfect dress for a more sophisticated party.cropped-15578516_852274718248908_771605500390685094_n.jpg

Once again, this dress is completely out of my comfort zone, but going into 2017 i am determined to break that barrier of worrying about what other people think, and wear what i want too because i love it, not because of what other people like or will like on me. So i thought, why wait till January, there’s no time like the present which is why i will be rocking this Little black dress very soon!

And last but not least… the casual party wear. There is nothing worse than getting invited to a gathering or ‘casual’ party and not knowing how casual or how dressy to go?? Which is why I think this outfit is a perfect little option for this sort of circumstances. This beautiful dungarees dress from top shop paired with a long-sleeved black crop top, black tights and black boots is the perfect go to casual party wear that is comfy and absolutely gorgeous!


I really hope this has given some of you some inspiration to make yourselves look and feel incredible this Winter. Remember, its your body your life, dress and be exactly who you are for that is what makes you, you. Party until dawn and learn to love yourselves girls!

I love you all so much, please feel free to give feedback, like, comment and share and help me to spread positivity across this incredible world of ours.

All the love, Chloejadex

Oh, and i just wanted to give a highly requested shoutout to James kinally for motivating me to get back to blogging!

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Autumn fragrance haul

14585400_200160397073000_1721447484_nOne of my favourite things about autumn is the extensive range of sparkling sweet, mysterious yet musky and explosive perfumes there are on offer to indulge myself in. And whats even better? June is my birthday month, so i got lots of perfumes this year free of charge that have lasted me through to the autumn months..Hoot hoot!!


Emporio Armani – Diamonds

So this was one of the perfumes i was lucky enough to receive as a gift from one of my best friends for my 17th, and wow it is beyond luxurious! Now Emporia Armani is an extremely well-known brand, but honestly? Not one that i have ever been drawn in to trying or exploring. However i now have to admit, it’s currently my go to fragrance! Its scent is a sexy, yet sophisticated one that fills the room with elegance and class but also gives off an empowering vibe that will send all the men crazy! Another thing i adore about this perfume is that its intensity is moderate in its strength and scent!

it’s priced at £49 for 100ml, which in my eyes is an absolute bargain for such a phenomenal brand with such upper ranking in the beauty fashion industry!



Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

This fragrance is not a perfume but more of a body mist, which only needs one spritz for you to be coated in a shield of freshness and fruitfulness! It is a beyond sophisticated mist which lasts all day and the bottle itself has lasted me over a year now! Its only £30 too!! £30 for a channel mist that lasts that long! if that’s not a bargain, what is??14580516_200160273739679_145281684_n

 3.CK One RED edition   – £19

For him and for her, a unique freshness but a daring sensuality at the same time. This is perfect for nights out with the girls or date night with your man and its affordable, it’s a win win really!14580326_200159987073041_1074075860_n.jpg


4.Between us – One direction  -£39

My guilty pleasure… yes..yes I’m a directioner. Yes I’m a directioner that indulges in their Merchandise’s array of perfumes at every opportunity possible. All of their perfumes are just so addictive and this one even has a classy little bottle too! I’m in love!14556066_200160013739705_1544322621_n


5. Beyonce Heat

A fiery perfume for those cold and crispy days where you have pulled on your thickest  coat, your most fashionable boots and pulled over that cute little bean. This perfume is perfect for those days where you are cold on the inside but sending off those fiery warm vibes on the outside!


     6. Lady million – Paco Rabbanne

This has always been by go to perfume, its expensive so i only wear it on a special occasion or purchase a new bottle when i feel like treating myself or am on a massive shopping splurge. Its a very seductive yet lustrous scent that i cant get enough of.



So there are my 6 go to autumn fragrances that I have been loving for a very long time, what are you’re favourite perfumes at the moment?

I love you all I hope you have had a fabulous day!

All the love, Chloejadex