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Living in a world full of dreadful delusions



We are living in a world of dreadul delusions.

How many of you are reading this on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or similar device? Well… to read this you have to be on something similar… so I’ll take that as a yes from you all. How much did that cost you? Somewhere between 600 and 1500 pound?? More?? I bet you aren’t happy tho are you… I bet your constantly ranting about how crap it is or how you want a better version, or how you want to buy the next latest item of technology as well because you can’t do everything you want to on what you already have. I know i do… And i bet this message runs through with everything you have… whether that’s the fact your Nike/Adidas/vans/converse just arent enough and you need more pairs!! Or you don’t have enough jeans, i mean what 5/6 pairs.. that’s just not enough right?!

I bet your always moaning that you don’t get paid enough, that 5.50 an hour just doesnt cut it, you can’t survive on that! Well I mean… 5.50 an hour for say 14 hours a week, means you’ll end up getting 308 pound a month… but that goes in a flash with all the meals out, new clothes and shoes you have to buy, petrol money etc it’s just not fair right!!!

Parden my french but literally what the fuck are we doing with out lives. Personally i feel what i described above was a vague description of what those of us living in this first world country think on a regular basis. Yet there are people across the world sleeping under trees and pieces of cloth on the hard, cold, dirty, insect ridden floors with barely an item of clothing on their back, not a penny in their hand with no family, education, work, nothing. Yet here we are, all of us complaining about the petty little things in our lives when there are people out there with absolutely nothing. water-child-filling-containers-from-dirty-pond-third-world-poverty

Surely we should use how lucky we are and put it into purpose? We always claim we are poor and that we don’t have enough money, but in reality we do, we just spend it on shit we don’t need, to impress people we don’t care about, to give us a sense of self-satisfaction that… yano.. we are beautiful, up to date with the trends, and worth it. Yes….Yes we are all beautiful and we are all worth it. But by all, I literally mean all. Not just you and me reading this, but that little girl half way across the world with absolutely nothing to live for, with no i phone, I pod or iMac, no designer brands, or likes on a photo she’s posted online, just her in her raw natural beauty is beautiful, and so are we, with or without all of our materialistic items we so desperately crave on a daily basis.

When life began, we all started off like her. Somehow time and people have evolved, where one person thinks they are better than another, where one person believes something and thinks everyone should think the same. Where we are told what we should and shouldn’t were because of what logo it has embroidered into it..

We are living in a world, which I am growing to love but also so strongly growing to hate.  I want to make a change.  I want our generation to make a change. There are people out there who don’t even know how to read words or write a sentence, yet we know how to do both of those things and so much more. We are the privileged ones, we are the ones in power and we can make a difference if we want too.

There are so many things we can do, whether that’s donating a couple of pounds to a charity, or whether thats not using the 800 pound we have been saving to buy ourselves the latest technology, but using that 800 pound to physically go to third world countries and make a change ourselves. For the majority of us we have a few months left of school/college/uni and then we have 6+weeks off to do whatever we want….We have one life. We were born for a reason, how bloody insane would it be if we could turn and look at our children in 20,30,40 years time and say that it was us, the 99’s and 2000’s who made this world into a better place, who transformed the lives of millions and made this world a better place.

Its ambitious, I know. And i know not everyone has 800 saving to go to the other side of the world, but everyone has something, so please, if you’ve got this far and you’ve read this whole thing, don’t judge brush it off your shoulder and continue as if these issues arent real and arnt happening. Imagine if it was the other way round, and tonight you were told you no longer had any belongings, money, shelter, and you had to live the way millions of other people in third world countries do for the rest of your life… you’d be distraught right? Come on guys, let’s do this, lets prove to everyone around us what the power of the internet and the power of young people with a drive and ambition can do to make this world a better place for everyone. What am i going to do to help? Im currently looking into programmes to become an embassador for global change, and i will not stop untill i get there.

I’ll leave links to Charities below, please please please take the time to donate, whether its  penny or a pound help me build awareness and give people a chance at living there lives. For who knows… the cure for the illness a member of your family are living with, might just be in one of those children brains, yet it will never be discovered because they haven’t been given the opportunities and luxuries that we so obnoxiously take for granted every single day.

I hope you are well,

All the love Chloejadex

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Hello everyone! My name is Chloe Jade Bradbury and i guess you could say this is my very small little corner of the internet that i use to express all those rambly thoughts that go through my head all day everyday as well as the place i use to talk about all the things i absolutely love and how i think we can make the world a better place. Theres one thing i truly want in life, which is simply to change the lives of the less fortunate and to make them see the purpose of life once more. So far along side friends, whom may i add without none of what i have achieved would of been possible have raised roughly over £3000 for a numerous amount of different charity's including, Cancer Research, Young minds, Children in Need and so many more! My aim of this blog is to continue to change peoples lives, but this method is without raising money. This method is to inspire and to make people realise that no matter how hard things get there is always a light at the end of that ghastly dark tunnel. I am growing to love this blog more and more everyday, and i hope you can grow to love it with me too. Enjoy!x

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